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Call Recorder: The best free apps

Applications that record cell phone calls, have a backup of your important calls!

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call recorder for cell phones, see which are the best free apps!

A call recorder app can be an excellent option to have on your smartphone, be it Android or iOS (iphone). This is because these applications, with this simple premise, offer those who use them a series of advantages!

Among them, the advantage that is most worth highlighting is security! With a record of your recorded calls you have a great tool to stay safe in case of scams, threats, etc. With this, it becomes easier to present evidence in case you need to trigger the competent authorities.

In addition to security, it is a great tool along with cell phone tracking apps to get rid of suspicions related to your family, such as betrayals! In addition to being an excellent tool to keep your children safe!

How does a Call Recorder work?

call recorder

A call recorder is software, a program that records calls and stores them on the smartphone. There is the option to leave it activated so that the program/application records all incoming calls on the smartphone. Or, activate it only for specific calls.

For the app to work, you need to give all the permissions required by the app. After all, you need to authorize him to “listen” to your calls. In order for him to record, he will have to have access to your contact list, and your calls, therefore, without permission, he cannot record.

With the app enabled to record the call, as soon as a call is received or made it will record everything! Both incoming and outgoing audio, thus recording the entire call.

Free Applications to Record Calls

There are several smartphone app options that have a call recorder function. However, not all of them are free, or offer the best service to the user, making the work of filtering them a bit tedious. With that in mind, check out what are the best free apps to record calls on your cell phone.

call recorder

This application available for Android for free automatically records incoming calls on your smartphone. That is, recordings are made without having to activate somewhere! Just as soon as you install the app, open it and grant the necessary permissions.

All recorded calls are stored within the app itself. In it, the user can listen to the audio as many times as he wants, as well as share it with other people if he wants. The downside is that this app only has a mobile version. android.

Call Recording – Cube ACR

This app records all smartphone calls, including calls from apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. Whenever a call is received, a balloon will appear on the screen where you can start recording the call, pause it and return it!

All recordings are saved in the app's memory, so to listen to them again, share them, etc., just access the app and search for the one you want.

The Call Recording – Cube ACR app is only available for smartphones with the operating system android free of charge.


It's not just Android users who can record calls, iOS users also have excellent options to use, including TapeACall!

This app allows the user to record all incoming and outgoing calls. However, for the recording to be made, it is necessary to open the application whenever you receive or make a call. If you are going to make the call, just open it first and select to start recording. Now when you receive the call, just as soon as you answer, open the app.

All calls recorded by the app are saved directly in the app's cloud, so to listen to the recordings, or share them, just access the app. TapeACall is available for both smartphones iOS, how much for android and has in-app purchase options.

Free Automatic Call Recorder – callX

Finally, we have the Free Automatic Call Recorder – CallX, an excellent option available for android which has very practical functions! It records both incoming and outgoing calls, with the option to record both, saving everything in the app to listen as many times as you want, and share.

Its great differential to the others is the user's option to leave it automatic to record the calls, or the choice of which to record or not, leaving it in manual mode. An advantage of the manual mode for the others is that the app can be opened by shaking the smartphone, thus opening it easily while the call is still in progress.

But so much efficiency comes at a cost, the app is free but only for 7 days, time of your free trial. After the period, you must pay a fee to use the call recording service.

Cautions when using a Call Recorder

A call recorder is an excellent tool for your security, as mentioned at the beginning of this article. However, care must be taken when using one, these cares are not directly related to the use of the application, but your privacy!

Try to use an app to put a password on the call recorder, so that no one but yourself has access to your recordings, thus preserving your privacy. Other than that, there's nothing to worry about when using such an app.

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