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See 3 Incredible Places You'll Visit in Brazil

Brazil is a blessed country full of wonders that you should visit!

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Brazil is a continental-sized country, and there is no shortage of places to visit in the country, and today I bring you 3 options for you to go. Of course, go if you are looking for an option for a place to travel and you already have your trip almost all planned out.

Remembering maybe you have already been to some of these destinations, but even so, if you want to go again, it would be a great option. And yet, there is also the option of knowing you only by name or photo and have not yet had the opportunity to go personal.

3: Morro de Sao Paulo – Bahia

Morro de Sao Paulo - Bahia
Photo: Publicity/Morro de São Paulo – Bahia

If you are looking for a place with wonderful beaches to go, I recommend Morro de São Paulo, it is just 60km from Salvador. Remembering that if you want to go from savior for there, the fastest way would be taking a direct boat, getting around 100/110 Reais.

Think of a perfect place to eat a good moqueca, go snorkeling or, better yet, do nothing and rest. Despite being well remembered for its beautiful paradisiacal beaches and natural beauty, Morro de São Paulo has already contributed a lot to the history of Brazil.

The place was discovered in 1531 by the Portuguese Martin Afonso de Souza and until today it is still possible to find several historical monuments there. For example, from the period when there were buildings to protect Salvador and the island of Itaparica from Invasões.

2: Gramado – Rio Grande do Sul – Places to Know in Brazil

Gramado - Rio Grande do Sul
Photo: Reproduction / Gramado – Rio Grande do Sul

One of the places you definitely need to visit here in Brazil is the city of Gramado, in Rio Grande do Sul. However, this tip is only valid for those who do not live close to this city, because if you do, you most likely already have.

Remembering that this place is one of the few in Brazil that sometimes snows, however, it doesn't happen often. And because it is a very cold place, it is possible to do ice skating there, yes, they built an appropriate park for that.

But what about those people who don't know how to skate, can they learn to practice this activity quickly and perhaps effectively? The park has monitors showing pre-classes, including skates, helmet and elbow pads.

And yet, of course, there are hundreds of other options to do in such a beautiful place, which is the city of Gramado.

1: Coral Coast, the Brazilian Caribbean – Alagoas

Coral Coast, the Brazilian Caribbean - Alagoas
Photo: Publicity/Costa dos Corais, the Brazilian Caribbean – Alagoas

If you would like to discover a place where there is a crystalline blue sea, paradisiacal beaches, coconut groves as far as the eye can see and white sands, you need to visit the Coral Coast. And yet, it is not for nothing that it is known as “The Brazilian Caribbean”, remembering that this place is on the North coast of Alagoas.

And if you go there with the intention of discovering beautiful beaches, know that you will have a “headache”, as there are 10 in the city. In other words, the headache you will have is in the question of knowing which one you will meet first, I wanted to have this “problem”.


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