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Boruto surpassed Naruto? 5 Reasons to Believe It Will!

Boruto surpassed Naruto? Is he in the way, or is there no chance of that happening? See now 5 reasons to believe that Boruto is on the path to surpassing Naruto.

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Naruto is the ninja most powerful there is, but it wasn't always like that, without many talents as a child, facing different obstacles both external and internal, always with a lot of effort, and with the great goal of being the greatest of all Hokage, which he achieved with great mastery.

Thanks to all this effort, and not to mention all the power that Naruto managed to achieve at the end of the anime, as he continued to improve between the events of Naruto Shippuden and Boruto, it's hard to believe that Boruto can surpass him. But is it really impossible? Check out now 5 reasons to believe that Boruto is on the right path to overcome Naruto, as he has already overcome in several factors compared to both at the same age!

1. Intelligence

clone jutsu
Boruto clones

If there's one thing that Naruto doesn't excel at, it's without a doubt about his intelligence! Which is often even used as a comic relief in anime. On the other hand, it's one of Boruto's strengths, especially compared to the classic Naruto. So in this regard Boruto has surpassed Naruto in intelligence.

While Naruto always struggled at the academy, Boruto was regarded as one of the best in his class. But we all know that Naruto had his reasons for not being a good student...

Boruto's superior intelligence can be affected by his lack of experience, which gives him a huge disadvantage when it comes to battles, a disadvantage that will be overcome over the years.

2. Respect from others

team 7
Team 7 (Sarada/Mitsuki/Boruto)

One of the big problems facing Naruto was the lack of respect, including from his teammates. Unlike Boruto, who has always been respected by everyone in the village, and by his teammates.

However, this is mainly thanks to the shadow of his father, who fought hard and earned respect with a lot of effort. While Naruto fought to be respected, and to remove all the prejudice that the village and his academy colleagues had on him, Boruto fights to come out of the shadow of being the son of the Hokage, and demonstrate that he deserves to be respected for his abilities and not by your father.

As Boruto always had respect from others, in this regard he surpassed Naruto when he was his age.

3. jogan

Boruto awakens jogan
Boruto awakens Jõgan

Boruto has access to jogan, which is a dōjutsu "unique" inherited in the Ōtsutsuki clan, while Naruto has none. Among the skills acquired with this eye jutsu, Boruto has access to:

  • See and distinguish chakra shapes.
  • See chakra circulation system as well as key points (tenketsu) in the same way as the Byakugan.
  • Space-time ninjutsu, allows you to travel between dimensions.
  • Ability to predict fate.

O play gives Boruto a range of skills that will undoubtedly be fundamental to surpassing his father as a whole, but again if considered both at the same age, thanks to the play Boruto has surpassed yes Naruto who doesn't have any eye jutsu.

4. Gentle Fist

Boruto gentle fist
gentle fist Boruto x Shikadai

Son of Hinata Hyuuga, Boruto is trained from an early age to inherit his clan's abilities. Thanks to this training, he learned the Gentle Fist, a lethal style of taijutsu. even without having a byakugan, at least so far he still hasn't awakened him… his skills with the gentle fist are great.

On the other hand, Naruto at his age didn't excel in hand-to-hand combat in the sense of mastery. Naruto stood out for having a lot of stamina and a lot of strength, thanks to Kurama sealed in him.

5. Boruto is a Prodigy

Rasengan with infused lightning element
Boruto makes Rasengan with Lightning Element infused

Naruto had no talent as a child! Although this may have some explanations (kurama getting in the way, fox seal modified by Orochimaru, etc.) in fact he was not talented and conquered everything through effort and persistence. On the other hand, Boruto is a genius, and he has great ease in learning techniques.

Still young, he can use 3 different elements, wind, lightning and fire. He already uses shadow clones, although limited to the amount of clones, he has mastered the use of the Rasengan, including unconsciously applying lightning element chakra creating a totally new and unique rasengan. Naruto only infused nature chakra into the Shippuden, though he was the first to achieve such a feat!

Boruto surpassed Naruto?

Boruto surpassed naruto?
Boruto x Naruto

Yea! But only if you take into account Naruto and Boruto at the same age. After all, Naruto and Sasuke are on a level above all the ninjas in the world. Naruto mainly due to access to Sage Mode, Kurama's chakra, and the chakra of the 6 Paths Sage.

However, Boruto still has a long way to go, and he has enormous talent and a series of skills that allow him to have a bright future ahead of him, and who knows how to surpass Naruto! Especially after Naruto lost Kurama, but that's a subject for another article...

But what do you think? Will he or will he not prove that the new generation always outperforms the old?

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