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Learn how to make animated sticker for WhatsApp!

Have the best stickers for any situation on WhatsApp

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Didn't find that animated sticker you were looking for in any package, none of your friends have it to send you? Learn right now how to make animated figurine in a simple way with the Application on your Smartphone.

Stickers on WhatsApp

In November 2018 the Whatsapp announced the arrival of stickers to the App, which made the messenger even more attractive. Funny stickers, serious, with text, or without… they changed the way we communicate on the platform. And recently WhatsApp started supporting animated stickers! What was already good got even better!

But you're having trouble finding a specific sticker, nobody has it to send you, didn't you find it in any sticker pack app? Your problems are over! DIY your animated stickers for WhatsApp.

Applications to make Animated Figurine

Although it may seem complex, there is not much secret to making stickers, it is a very simple process. There are several applications that make this activity very simple, and intuitive.

Is it necessary to have an app to make a sticker? Not exactly, but to have your own sticker added to WhatsApp it is necessary to send it through an application, which makes these applications for making stickers even more attractive, because in addition to creating, they have the function of sending the “package” to the messenger.

How to make animated sticker for WhatsApp

There are several applications that help in the process of creating stickers, among them we have the Sticker.ly which was released in 2019, and since then it has helped several people in the process of creating stickers. Since March 2021, Sticker.ly allows users to create animated stickers, that is, as if they were gifs. Check out the step-by-step guide on how to make stickers for WhatsApp using Sticker.ly:

1. Download the App

First of all it is essential to download the app! It is available both for smartphones with Android operating system and for IOS with Apple operating system. But unfortunately it's not available for Windows Phone, to make it easier I'll leave the App download link below.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

2. Open the App and click the (+) button

Home screen sticker. Ly - how to create animated stickers for whatsapp
Sticker.ly home screen

Right after opening the app, you will see on the app's home screen several packs of stickers already available, these stickers were created by the users of the application, but as the purpose of this article is to make the stickers themselves…

At the bottom of the app you will see a button with a + icon (see the image), select it. It is necessary to accept all the permissions the application requests, because otherwise it can't even access your images, let alone save the edits you've made.

Once you click on + and accept the permissions, you need to select which sticker category you want to make, as our focus here is to make animated stickers, select “Excited”.

3. Select the content you want to transform into an animated sticker.

Once you click Animated, you will be presented with a screen with several GIFs of the Tenor. If you wish, you can select a gift, search, etc. This repository is quite complete and will most likely have something you want.

Video or gif selection to create animated sticker
Sticker.ly library

At the bottom left you have the option to select content from your library, video or GIFs. It is possible to locate the image you are looking for on your phone, among Recent media, Download, or folders created by App's, such as WhatsApp Video, Facebook, etc. Filter if necessary, and select what you want to turn into an animated sticker.

4. Editing the sticker

Once you've chosen what you want to turn into an animated sticker, you'll be taken to the creation part. It's very simple and debt in 3 steps:

Editing selection and tags - sticker. Ly
selection / Editing / Tags – Sticker.ly
  1. Cut: this step only applies to content that exceeds 5 seconds, so if you insert a video or GIF with a shorter duration, that part will be “skipped” automatically. The cut is simple, just like the one done to post videos on WhatsApp status, where you select which part you want to use for the sticker, as long as it is between 0.5s and 5s.
  2. To edit: now you will make the changes that you think are necessary so that the sticker is as you want. In this step, you can rotate the sticker, increase or decrease its size, add text and/or emoji.
  3. Add Tags: finally the last step, add Tags to the figurine. These Tags serve nothing more than to facilitate the search for a sticker, so don't put anything here, after all, you won't waste time looking for the sticker to send.

Note: (1) If you decide to redo something, you can always go back to the previous phase, and redo the whole process! (2) Unlike normal images, it is not possible to crop the video/GIF and remove backgrounds.

5. Saving the animated sticker and adding it to WhatsApp

Once you have completed the above three steps, you will be redirected to a screen to save your sticker. Stickers are saved in packages, tap + New Package to create one. Define a name for the package, and put the name of the creator (if you want your name, or some nickname), if you want other people to be able to locate your sticker in the app repositories, leave the Allow Searches option checked, otherwise uncheck it. Finally, tap on “Create”.

Creating new sticker pack
creating new sticker pack

To send the sticker pack you just created to your WhatsApp, you must have 3 stickers in the package, so create 3 stickers if you want to send the entire package. If not, then go back to the app's homepage, and tap the avatar to the right of the + button to create new stickers. Find your sticker pack, open it, tap on the desired sticker, and click Add to WhatsApp. Once this is done, a box will appear asking for authorization to add the My Sticker package to WhatsApp, accept.

Adding animated sticker to whatsapp
adding animated sticker to WhatsApp

Ready! Your animated sticker is already on your WhatsApp, just open a conversation, open the stickers tab and you will see a package with the App symbol, when you select it your sticker will be there.

Anyway, this is one of the ways to create an animated sticker for WhatsApp using the Sticker.ly app. Did you have any doubts? you don't understand some part well, or did you find some wrong information? comment!

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