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Overwatch Anniversary 2021: Event starts May 18!

Event starts on May 18th and ends on July 8th, opportunity to secure that desired event skin!

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One of the most awaited events by Overwatch players, the Anniversary event finally has a date revealed. The event will start on May 18th and end on June 8th!

If there's one thing Overwatch players like, it's new Legendary Skins! Although Overwatch events are being criticized harshly by players, for not bringing any big news, and being always the same event without changes… It is in the events that new Skins are introduced, and among all the events the most awaited of the year is always the Overwatch Anniversary event.

He is the most awaited because in addition to being able to get new skins, from this event he is the only one that "unlocks" to buy skins from all other events, (summer, halloween, Lunar New Year, etc.). THE Blizzard always keeps fans waiting and doesn't give any preview of what's to come, but now with the upcoming event we already have a preview of the new skins that are coming.

Overwatch Anniversary 2021

Although all the information about all the news has not been revealed, leaving only for the day of the event's debut, Blizzard released a small trailer highlighting one of the legendary skins of the support character Baptiste, check it out on here the video published by the Overzeiras profile on Facebook.

The highlight is the Baptiste skin, which made the entire Overwatch community “crazy”, everyone is already talking about using their credits on this anniversary and buying it. It really pleased all the players, but in the Teaser it doesn't show all the skins that are to come. Most likely they will only be revealed in-game on the day the event starts. As new information comes out, follow our social networks, both on Instagram how much in Facebook to stay inside.

Anyway, looking forward to the Overwatch Anniversary Event? Did you manage to gather a lot of credits to put the skins behind in days? The event starts this Tuesday 18th, in total there will be 3 weeks of event ending on June 8th, so call your friends, close your group and enjoy!

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