Show do Milhão Game: Play with Sílvio Santos and win prizes!

Show of the million game: Play with Sílvio Santos and win prizes!

Play the game that marked on Brazilian TV!

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The program Million Show was a fever in the 2000s and is one of the most outstanding question and answer programs on Brazilian TV. Who doesn't remember sitting on the sofa, with their whole family together to answer the award-winning questions of the Silvio Santos?

It was a program that entertained a lot of people, and to remember the SBT brought back the million show. Now in a more modern and current way, in the form of an application. And just like the show that was on TV, you can get real prizes.

To feel even more inside the program, the application has the same soundtrack and the iconic voice of Silvo Santos, narrating the actions of the game, which is available in two versions, one free and the other Pro that you register and so on. have access to prizes.

Want to know how it works? So stay here and learn this new way to entertain and win!

How does the Show do Milhão App work?

Million show app
Show do Milhão Application - Illustrative Image

If you watched the program, you will not have any difficulty using the application because it basically works in the same way as the program.

You must answer general knowledge questions, each question is worth a certain amount, and you have 30 seconds to answer, pass, or ask college students. For each question there are 4 alternatives, and only one of them is the correct answer. For each question answered correctly, the value increases, until reaching the question worth R$1 million.

As in the program, the game also has special aids that are:

  • Cards: Where the deck eliminates one of the incorrect alternatives.
  • Guests: Where the game can help you by showing the correct answer.
  • Jump: You have the right to skip any alternative 3 times.

How to win by playing?

The million show app has two versions available, Free and Pro and you can choose which option you want to play. In the free version you have access to all the features of the game, however there are several ads that can get in the way.

But if you want to have a more real game experience and have a chance to win real prizes, then you need to use the Pro version. For this it is necessary that you register and register the credit card and pay a monthly fee of R$ 9.90, and become a PRO user, so you will have access to the prizes. In addition to having the game free of ads, you can have a lot more fun.

For the PRO user to be able to compete for the prizes it is necessary that he has a good performance in the game. The further you go in the game and the more correct questions answering your chances of winning the coupons and competing for prizes gets closer.

How to download million show game and start playing?

Million-1 show app
Illustrative image Show do Milhão

To download the game is super easy, you will need to go to the app store on your cell phone and search for “Show do Milhão”. And don't worry because the game is available for both Android and IOS, click the button below to download:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

Stay tuned, when installing the application check if it is the Show do Milhão produced by TV SBT Canal 4 São Paulo S/A. Because this is the official version of Silvio Santos' channel.

After installing the application on your cell phone, just fill in the data such as your name, and then create a profile with a password to play. Completing this part you are already free to start playing and competing, as Silvio Santos would say to "One million reais in Gold bars."

Remembering that it is a purely fictitious game and that all the correct answers you enter do not entitle you to any real prize, unless you have a pro subscription, so you can compete for the raffle coupons distributed by the application.

About the game

We've played and tested it and it's a very intuitive and easy game to play. Just like in the program, the question appears and you have only 30 seconds to give the answer or choose some kind of help. Our test was done in the free version and we can guarantee that the game delivers the feeling of really being in the running for the prize of one million reais, it's amazing!

If you're like me - a millennial – you must have already played this game in the version made for computers. But unlike the old version where the questions were asked randomly and with no degree of difficulty, with the app the story is quite different.

The questions start at a very easy level, but as the game progresses, the difficulty level of the questions also increases. With the narration and the soundtrack, it generates the same emotion that was in the program!

Remembering that the application only works if you are connected to the internet, this limits its use a little, but it is a great application to play with the family together at home.

The fun can get even better

If you have an Alexa at home, then fun is guaranteed. Gather your friends and family and play Show do Milhão testing your general knowledge. Just say: “Alexa, open the Show do Milhão” and wait for the beginning of the iconic soundtrack of the program, with the voice of Silvio Santos.

So the game will start and if you have a game that you haven't finished, Alexa asks if you want to continue the game where you left off. Always wait for Alexa to finish saying the question and read the alternatives so you can give the right answer.

And if you need to use the special help you just need to say: “Letters”, “Universities” and “Guests” and if you want to skip the question just say “Skip”, and then she will say another question.

And finally when you get to the question worth 1 million reais, even if you still have some help, you won't be able to use any. They will all be blocked, and you will only have to answer based on your knowledge and relying on luck.

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