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Parasite Movie: Everything you should know before watching

Oscar winner in the main categories Best Film and Director!

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O movie Parasite achieved the unimaginable for a foreign feature and conquered the world. The South Korean film took home four statuettes from the Oscar, including Best Picture and Best Director, ensured the work's success.

Parasite addresses topics of global interest, such as inequality and abundance, reaching both extremes from excess to absence. The film was directed by Bong Joon-ho

Bong Joon-ho's dark comedy was regarded as one of the best films. After all, Parasite combines the thriller, drama and comedy genres in a presentation very different from what has been seen in recent years, especially for its funny premise of a poor family "outdoing" a rich family.

Check out the Parasite Trailer:

The Parasite Movie

parasite movie cover
Parasite movie cover

The work tells the story of two families. The first lives in the suburbs, in an underground house where there is no place for a toilet and all its members are unemployed. The other has money to spare and lives in an exclusive house in Seoul, designed by one of the most renowned architects. However, both have needs, whether financial or emotional. 

The movie Parasite at first makes this class struggle evident, as the Kims infiltrate the Parks' house to take advantage. As the film builds to its shocking near-end, the real 'parasites' of the plot are revealed. The question that remains is: who really are the parasites? Or do they all end up being?

The story is full of unexpected twists. At the end, for example, it is shown how each person reacts when they are in trouble or on edge. This topic has even been discussed in different parts of the world, as it is not explicitly clear what happens in the last round of events, minutes before the end of the film.

Society on Parasite

Unfortunately, something that is very clear in the film is that the capitalist society we live in does not offer the same opportunities for everyone. Economic inequality reaches an apex of evidence in history.

Parasite shows that, in reality, the difference between the two families was still huge. And despite the outcome, everything was nothing more than a desire or motivation of the son to make it real.

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Parasite at the Oscars Cast
Cast of the movie Parasite at the 2020 Oscar ceremony Photo: Matt Petit / AFP

Boon Joon-Ho is making history. The filmmaker won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival, received the award at the Bafta and the SAG Awards. Parasite has received so many awards around the world that Joon-ho even apologized at the Oscars.

It was the first time that a production that is not spoken in the English language won the Best Picture award at the Oscars, making history and opening new doors for cinema from various corners of the world, especially Asia.

Text: Kamilla Oliveira | Supervision and Review: Blender Barbosa | Text made in partnership with the BestSéries Portal

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