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Watch Dogs 2 for Free! Pay attention to the redemption deadline!

Free Game Alert! Stay tuned and don't miss the deadline to redeem!

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Recently Game Watch Dogs was distributed for free by Epic Games, this time the sequel Watch Dogs 2 can also be redeemed for free, which is an excellent opportunity for those who redeemed the first game in the franchise through Epic Games.

Where and When to Redeem ?

The sequel to Watch Dogs this time will not be free by Epic Games, but by Ubisoft itself who developed the game. The game will be distributed through upplay. The distribution of Watch Dogs will be made during the 12th of July, this Sunday through the platform.

What's so special about the 12th of July, for Ubisoft to distribute Watch Dogs 2 exactly on this day? Well on this day the transmission of the Ubisoft Forward, broadcast that will be held to present news regarding the company's products, and its new Games. And exactly during the broadcast, the PC edition of Watch Dogs 2 will be redeemable on the Uplay platform.

Check out the Ubisoft Forward Announcement Trailer:

Deadline is short, stay tuned!

Redeeming the game will only be possible during the broadcast! That is, in a short period of time! The transmission is scheduled to take place from 2:30 pm to 5 pm Brasilia time. That is, it will be only 2 and a half hours to remove your copy.

So it's a suggestion for those who don't have a Ubisoft account yet, create it before the event starts, while in time to avoid losing the game by wasting time creating the account. And also, in addition to creating the account, download the application for PC, and preferably create an Alarm Clock on your cell phone notifying you not to miss the deadline.

How to redeem Watch Dogs 2 for Free?

  1. If not, Create an Account at Ubisoft. (without many secrets, you can even create the account using one of Facebook)
  2. Download the Ubisoft program for PC, the upplay.
Uplay download screen, program needed to rescue watch dogs 2 for free this Sunday (12)
Uplay Download Screen
  1. During 14:30 until 17:00 on Sunday, access Uplay, search for: Watch Dogs and receive your free copy of the game.
  2. If you have any problems accessing the event or redeeming your copy of Watch Dogs 2, contact Ubisoft via link (Must be logged in account).

Once the game is redeemed, and added to the Uplay Game Library, the game will be yours FOREVER, just like the games offered by Epic Games every week. Once it's in the library, it can be downloaded and played whenever you want (no open access play over a weekend!).

Source: Ubisoft Forward

Anyway, share it with your friends, so they don't stay out, especially that friend who like me is a fan of Watch Dogs and who can't miss this opportunity to redeem the game for free, which costs on average about 140 reais.

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