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Tour of the International Space Station?

Have you ever imagined yourself taking a "tour" around the International Space Station? It is possible!

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Have you ever imagined visiting the International Space Station? Knowing what an Astronaut's life is like, where they are and all the technological equipment that makes this possible? Well now you can! Google makes it possible.

Google made it possible to visit the International Space Station, but how? Well unfortunately it is not in person, such a feat I believe will still take time. The company is offering a 360° Tour of the station!

Who hasn't thought about leaving the planet, taking that trip outside, especially with everything that's been happening this year? Well while NASA and Space X are still unable to provide us with this, we can use technology for an “escape from reality”.

How to take the International Space Station Tour?

To visit the station is very simple, Google used the same technology that is present in Google Street View, in order to provide the experience of walking through the station. To do it, just access the website, no login or payment required.

The Tour is done in the same way as a “walk” made by the maps, just go by clicking where you want to go. And as it is in 360°, the “tourist” then has the possibility to look at everything around him, up, down, left, right, front and back.

The freedom provided by the platform gives the user a real sense of presence. What combined with the lives that astronauts usually do showing their day to day aboard the space station, is able to kill curiosities about it. From technological objects that enable the experience, food, personal objects of astronauts, dormitories, etc. A great opportunity also to check out part of the Engineering behind the International Space Station.

About the Station

  • The International Space Station, or ISS, is considered one of the greatest advances in Engineering. The structure that weighs more than 400 tons, and which cost more than 150 Billion Dollars.
  • The ISS structure is modular, that is, it's like a big and expensive LEGO. In the case of modules, which facilitates and enables “Updates”, according to new needs.
  • Yes, Brazil was also part of the initial Consortium, including sending an Astronaut to the station, which spent 1 week:  Marcos César Pontes.
  • It is possible to see the ISS with the naked eye here from Earth, given its size. After all, with its weight, it is already possible to assume a size, but counting all its panels and modules, the station is almost the size of a football field.
  • It is a laboratory, where, due to its very low gravity (not 0!) experiments in which the acceleration of the Earth's gravity would compromise the results are made.

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