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7 Prisoners: Everything you need to know about the movie

Find out everything about this hidden gem in the Netflix catalog

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Netflix has many intriguing gems lost in the jumble of movies it has in its catalogue. In 2021, the movie '7 Prisoners', a drama that delves into the dark world of human trafficking with complex questions of morality, made this list.

The Brazilian film, despite having gone almost unnoticed by the national media, has an exciting premise and some of the greatest directors of modern cinema behind it.

To help you get to know the work better here is everything you need to know about '7 prisoners'.

Premiere date and where to watch

'7 Prisoners' premiered in select theaters and on Netflix globally on November 5, 2021.

The film was screened at the 78th Venice International Film Festival and its North American premiere took place at the Toronto International Film Festival (2021) in the section Contemporary World Cinema.

In addition to being shown at different festivals around the world, the film was also added to the Netflix catalog simultaneously with the premieres. At the moment, in addition to the Brazilian catalogue, the film is available in a few catalogs on the streaming around the world.

If you were unlucky not to be in Brazil, or want to watch other movies that also have georestrictions, know that it is possible to get around this problem. With best free VPNs for Netflix, watch shows from anywhere of the world will not be a problem going forward.

What happens in the movie '7 Prisoners'?

Christian Malheiros in a clothing factory

'7 Prisoners' is a Brazilian drama about modern slavery and human trafficking in Brazil. The film follows an 18-year-old who hopes to support his family when he takes a job at a junkyard in São Paulo.

It doesn't take long for him and the other hired boys to realize they've become involved in the dangerous world of human trafficking.

Trapped in a terrifying situation, he will have to decide between working for the despicable man who enslaved him or risking his family's future. The gripping drama makes for a fascinating ride, dealing with issues of morality, betrayal and evil.

Direction, script and technical team

'7 Prisoners' was directed by the director of “Socrates”, Alexandre Moratto, who gained a reputation for his socially conscious and deeply personal filmmaking style.

He co-wrote the screenplay with Thayná Mantesso. Oscar-nominated filmmakers Fernando Merielles ('City of God') and Ramin Bahrani ('The White Tiger') produced the film, along with Moratto, Andrea Barata Ribeiro and Bel Berlinck.

Cast and characters

Christian Malheiros plays Mateus, the main character whose hopes of building a better future for his family are complicated by the terrible truth of his new job.

Malheiros also starred in the previous film by director Alexandre Moratto.

This role was written specifically with him in mind. '7 Prisoners' marks Malheiros' third appearance in a feature film, after starring in 'Transmissão' (2020). Rodrigo Santoro plays the terrible junkyard employer Luca.

'7 Prisoners' also features Vitor Julian as Ezequiel, Lucas Oranmian as Isaque and also with Cecilia Homem, Dirce Thomaz and Bruno Rocha.

If you like '7 Prisoners' also watch 'Socrates'

Socrates received a lot of attention and awards in 2019 – this is Brazilian-American filmmaker Alexandre Moratto's first feature film.

Socrates has a complicated life. He has long been dealing with homophobia, after the death of his mother, going back to his homophobic father is not an option for him. Throughout the film, we see the young man doing everything possible (even keeping his mother's death a secret) not to be sent back to his father or placed in an orphanage.

During a temp job at a junkyard, he meets Maicon (Tales Ordakji). Their first date is not friendly, but they soon begin a romantic relationship.

It's clear their relationship isn't healthy, but it still makes sense for Socrates to keep it, considering the events in his life. The chemistry is definitely there and makes watching your relationship progress in an unhappy (but realistic) way a more emotional ordeal.

'Socrates' serves as an example of how high-quality storytelling can be achieved on a very limited budget. Even with a darker tone 'Socrates' is an important addition to the catalog of national films worth watching.

7 Prisoners trailer

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