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God of War for PC! No longer exclusive to Sony?

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God Of War is getting a computer version! Official version, appears in pre-sale, with a set release date. Is the game no longer exclusive to Playstation? Understand!

There is no doubt among fans of Sony's console, the Playstation, God of War is one of, if not, the greatest exclusive of the entire console. Including, being one of the great reasons that leads a person looking for a new console, choose the Playstation.

But that is changing! And now it's not anymore rumor, no speculation… it's real, it's happening and the game already has a price and date to arrive for the PC.

What is known so far

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God of War banner on Steam

God of War has already entered its pre-sale on Steam, costing R$ 199.90. The game will be available for download from January 14, 2022, that is, in just over 2 months. The announcement took everyone by surprise, just as it did with the Grand Chase. Without any warning, the game simply received a page on Steam.

Although the price and date have already been revealed, there is no information about the minimum and recommended requirements to run the game. But we can already expect the recommended ones to have at least one RTX. After all, God of War for PC will come with DLSS support.

The game will come with support for 4K with frame rates unlocked, in addition to DLSS support, it will also support other technologies on Nvidia cards, such as Reflex. Something more than expected is the support for the DualSense control, the Playstation 5 is not yet known if the support will be for all the functions of the control. But the game will feature controls and keyboard customization.

Pre-sale gifts

Those who pre-order the game will earn in-game rewards, including Death's Vow Armor Set for Kratos and Atreus and Exile's Guardian, Buckler of the Forge, Shining Elven Soul and Dökkenshieldr for the Guardian Shield.

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About God of War

God of War was released in 2018 for the Playstation 4. Although it bears the same name as the first game released for the Playstation 2, it is not a remake, but a direct continuation of God of War 3. However, as it is the beginning of a new story, this time in Norse mythology, the name is the same as the first game.

The game received several awards, including Game of the Year at the The Game Awards 2018. With the release of Playstation 5, the game won an improved version for the new console. Its sequel, called God of War Ragnarok, will be released in 2022, exclusively for Playstation 4 and 5, but still without a specific date.

No longer exclusive?

Now it's official, but the game had already lost its "Exclusive seal" for some time. But it's not just because God of War (2018) lost the title of exclusive, that the others to come will also lose. In fact, it is not yet known, but it is quite possible that future games in the franchise will also come to PC, even if it is after a few months or years of exclusivity on the console.

The game lost the exclusive seal for over a year, which kick-started the rumors of the game coming to the PC.

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