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Instagram: How to know if you've been blocked

Find out if someone blocked you on Instagram in 3 different ways.

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Instagram, like other social networks, has the feature of blocking users. This feature is essential, so that the person can keep their account free of unwanted people. The blocked user, however, is not notified of the block, as with Twitter, but there are ways to find out whether or not you have been blocked by a user.

How to find out you've been blocked on Instagram

There are a few ways to find out whether or not you've been blocked on Instagram, even though the app doesn't notify you in any way about the block. This lack of notification can cause you to delay noticing the block, or just think that the user is not logging in much, or just deleted his account.

Of course, there will always be the option to create a question for a mutual friend, but this will not always be the best choice. After all, with that you will expose the doubt to a third party. Anyway, here are some ways to identify a blockage.

Search by user on Instagram

If you've memorized what the username is, one of the best ways to know that you've been blocked is by searching for the person's profile within Instagram itself.

Just open the application, click on the search icon represented by the Magnifier. Once this is done, click on the “search” box and type the user, or profile name. When entering the person's profile, if any of the following messages appear: "There are no posts yet", or "This page is not available"... Chances are high that it has been blocked...

Search by user in browser

Another way to find out is through the browser. Go to your search engine, be it Google or Bing and type the person's name and then type “Instagram”. If you know the username, even better because it will indicate exactly what you are looking for.

To know how to identify the block or not, see if the words listed in the topic above appear. If the images appear normally, don't worry, everything is normal.

Check messages on Direct

Finally, access your direct. But this method only works if you've exchanged messages with the account you want to know if it blocked you or not! Join the conversation with that person, then click on the person's name, then 'view profile'.

If nothing appears, no information, as well as the messages described above. You've been blocked!

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Anyway, there will always be the option to enter another profile to check if everything is normal with the other user. Or asking someone to look. But there is always the possibility that this person has simply deleted their Instagram account!

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